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EMK's Principles and Beliefs...

Our approach to business sales is based on a set of core beliefs. We’re setting out those beliefs because we think you should know what you’re getting into should you decide to work with us.

  1. Business relationships (and other relationships as well) are founded on integrity. We’ll always treat you honestly and fairly. We expect the same from you. 
  2. Similarly, a successful sale must be based on an honest relationship between Seller and Buyer. If there’s bad news, don’t hide it. Let the buyer know up front, and give the buyer an honest assessment of the issue.  It’s our responsibility to create and foster an honest relationship, and it’s your responsibility to be part of that. We have the experience to help Buyers work through unpleasant news. On the other hand, the surest way to kill a deal is for Buyers to sense that they don’t know critical information because it’s being hidden from them.
  3. When you retain us, you’re hiring our expertise, creativity and judgment. You’re entitled to receive all of those and more. If there’s a way to make a deal work for both parties, you should expect us to be able to identify it. If problems arise during due diligence or legal negotiations, you should expect us to bring a knowledgeable problem solving approach in attempting to resolve them. 
  4. You’re hiring our ability to listen to your goals, and come up with the right strategies to help you meet those goals. Your interests are more important than ours. We’ll always give you our honest advice, based on your goals, not ours.
  5. We won’t pretend we know something if we don’t. We bring unique and sophisticated insights to bear on helping you sell your business. But, we don’t know everything.   If we don’t know, we’ll tell you we don’t know, and we’ll work to make sure we can get you the best answer.
  6.  We will work to identify the opportunities in your business along with the challenges. We’ll use those to create a compelling story to help buyers understand what is unique and valuable about your business.
  7. We will not work with every business. We will only work with businesses which we’d be willing to buy ourselves. In addition to our expertise and judgment you’re buying our enthusiasm. Our honest enthusiasm about your business as we talk to buyers can make the difference in a successful sale. 
  8. If there are weaknesses in your historical financial results we will deal with them head on. No business is perfect. We will recast the financials in a way that we believe reflects proper “add backs” and credible information.   We will not “cook the books” and we will not create phony “add backs.”  If you are looking for business brokers who are willing to do that, we believe you’ll be able to find them.
  9. We will help you identify the value in your business. Pricing a business is an art, not a science. We’ll identify those pricing methods that we believe most accurately reflect the value of your business. It’s our job to justify and help Buyers understand the pricing approach we’ve used.
  10. We are committed to maximizing the value of your company.  Our marketing strategy employs a multi-level approach combining the use of proprietary databases, direct mail, telemarketing, print and on line advertising. Our goal is to produce multiple qualified buyers so our clients can receive the highest value for their business.
  11. Successful business sales are founded on win/win negotiations. If you want to try to squeeze the last penny out of a buyer, and want to make the deal as one sided as possible, Entrust is not your best choice. Approaching transactions as a win/win problem solving approach has an almost magical dynamic to it. As each party sees that the other party is concerned about their interests, each of the parties offers up ways to help the other party. This dynamic is a better way to build a more successful relationship and ultimately, a more successful deal.
  12. Overcoming the challenges that arise during a business sale transaction is the real test of our skills. We enjoy doing it, and we will do our best to make the process one that works and creates a minimum of aggravation for you