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Sell Your Business - Confidentiality Is Everything!
Using us to sell your business ensures that a professional business broker will be handling your transaction under strict confidentiality. We discreetly find sellers and connect them with qualified buyers. We sell businesses with a stringent code of ethics. We have and will find qualified buyers for your business.

Are you looking to sell your business or existing franchise? Are you looking to do it in a way where neither your customer base and employees nor your creditors and suppliers know about it? WE CAN HELP!  Our entire process is done discreetly where all qualified buyers enter into non-disclosure agreements prior to learning about the business.

  • Confidentiality
    All buyers sign non-disclosures before learning anything about a business. We will not disclose a business before, during and after the sale
  • Financing The Buyer
    We have over 40 lenders in our network to get buyers financed and get the deal closed. Our lenders want to say YES
  • Qualified Buyers
    All buyers are qualified by financial capability and experience and credit should financing be needed. When our broker brings you a buyer, he/she has the ability to follow through
  • Professionalism and Experience
    We have completed the BSN Certification and training classes. We are supported by our corporate support mechanisms and we are active in the local community 

Confidentiality & Privacy Our entire foundation is developed on selling businesses without customers, employees and suppliers finding that it is for sale. This way the business can sell without repercussions to the business. We qualify all buyers then have them sign non-disclosure agreements before learning anything about the business. IT WORKS...we have never had a buyer break this agreement! 

To protect your confidentiality PLEASE provide us a private number to call you. If you provide us the business number then we will only address ourself as "our personal name returning your call". CONFIDENTIALITY IS PRIORITY #1! PLEASE fill out the no obligation profile below or contact us by phone or email. This allows us to learn more about you. Your information is kept strictly confidential.

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